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I'm a Cinematographer with 29 years working full-time in the film and television industry working with some of the leading broadcasters and producers across the planet. I have had the enormous privilege to work globally in over 70 countries experiencing some of the worlds most stunning beauty and most extreme conditions which in every way influence and shape the images i take and the process in which i take them. Life is about experiences, the good and the bad, it shapes us as people and makes us who we are. I bring on board every shoot my experiences from around the world in a large variety of genres from advertising to documentary and everything in between affording clients a unique, but tried and tested method.

My client list is extensive, my credits even more so...scattered with BAFTA & EMMY award wining productions to local art projects. I love variety, and my credits show this...there's almost no area i haven't worked in and where i haven't enjoyed every minute. Taking stunning imagery is all the same, it's just the process and technology that changes, but thankfully at heart i'm one big tech geek.

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